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Nov 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
the government has gone too far. obama and bush said the program was necessary and does not violate citizen rights. >> there's not one incident i know of that anyone has been looking at anyone's phone calls or e-mails. >> reporter: biddy doesn't buy tfrmths he doesn't know what the nsa is doing because he doesn't understand the technology or what it takes to find terrorists. . >> now, biddy says he thinks edward snowden did a great public service by forcing nsa surveillance noot spotlight. >>> toronto's embattled mayor rob ford makes a stunning admission about rumors he used crack cocaine. the allegations started six months ago when a video showed the mayor smoking a crack pipe. last week police said they were in possession of that video and now the mayor comes clean. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> am i an addict, no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors about a year ago. >> he issued a former apology to the people of toronto. despite calls for him to step down he says he plans to fulfil his term which runs through 2014. >>> a family of elk wanted to
Nov 10, 2013 11:30pm EST
it the deadliest natural disaster in the nation's history. >> president obama issued a statement today promising significant aid. area organizations are organizing relief efforts already sending over much- needed items and volunteers. >> we're told that it's as big a disaster in terms of its impact as the earthquake in haiti and the indian ocean tsunami. the rest of the world will really have to step up and help. >> among the items sent over? 8000 tarps to provide temporary shelter. >>> baltimore city police say a prank caller is responsible for shutting down under armor for hours as a swat team searched the building. the 911 call came in around 2:00 this afternoon leaving many people unable to go home. >> reporter: it is a joke that no one is laughing about. residents are back in their homes tonight after the city's swat team gives an all clear for the under armor building after a threat to employees came into 911. >> we came out, our swat teams cleared the facility, we evacuated employees that were inside. >> reporter: for five hours, streets were shut down leaving many people standing outside
Nov 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
with obamacare also causing tempers to flare. >> you have congress regulating programs that they are not subject to. >> reporter: and the blame game continues. >> this is not the way to run a government. >> the american people are worried about their jobs. >> reporter: members of congress should be worried too. a cbs news poll shows just a 9% job approval rating with 85% disapproving. >> that is the highest disapproval number we have had since we began asking this question back in 1977. >> reporter: political analysts say while previous polls have been low, this is different. >> what people have typically said in the past, however, is that although they hate congress as a group they really like their own member of congress. this time even their own members are taking a hit. >> reporter: some say they hope the frustrations lead to action on the part of the american people. >> i hope that average citizens become more aware of what it means for them to vote. >> reporter: a vote that could mean change in washington. and the president's approval rating is also at an all-time
Nov 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
be prevented every year just by removing transfats from processed foods. >>> tonight president obama is apologizing to americans for the affordable health care act. he says he's sorry people are losing health insurance plans that he told them they'd be able to keep. millions of people have gotten cancellation letters in the mail. the president also says that the website is not working and it is his responsible to fix it. >>> too close to call late into the night in annapolis. ballots are being counted and recounted in a high drama race to decide the state capital's next mayor. pat warren is closely following developments. >> reporter: this started at 9:00 o'clock this morning and they're still at it now. before they can even count the votes, they have to deal with the challenges. it's a first for annapolis. the outcome of the mayor's race hinges on a few hundred absentee ballots. a battery of lawyers for each candidate, a panel of election officials, a crowd of partisan voters, and every single one of them gets to challenge every ballot. how long do you think this will take? >> it do
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4